PPR pipes and fittings are highly versatile and widely used in various sectors due to their remarkable features, including exceptional performance, durability, and reliability.

PPR/ PP-RCT Piping System

PPR Piping Systems, made from high-quality polypropylene, provide thermal stability and mechanical strength. Adhering to ISO 15874 and DIN 8077/8078 standards, they ensure consistent dimensions and properties. Fusion welding creates leak-proof connections, and low thermal conductivity with smooth interiors minimizes heat loss and enhances flow rates.

Temperature & Pressure Resistant

Suitable for hot/cold potable water in various buildings.

Increased Flow Rates

Smooth inner surfaces minimize friction and maintain optimal flow rates.

Lightweight & Corrosion-free

Long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to steel pipes.

Easy Installations

The lightweight fusion joint connections simplify the installation, reducing labor and costs.

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