We provide top-notch Grooved and Galvanized Iron (GI) fittings with exceptional quality making them the perfect choice for fire protection systems.

Grooved & GI Fittings

Grooved and Galvanized Iron (GI) fittings play a crucial role in fire fighting applications, ensuring the efficient delivery of water for extinguishing fires and protecting both lives and properties. Grooved fittings are known for their unique mechanical coupling design, providing ease of installation and flexibility, while GI fittings offer corrosion resistance and durability due to their zinc coating

Efficient Water Delivery

Ensures optimal flow of water for extinguishing fires and protecting property.


Design accommodates system expansions, contractions, and varying layouts.

Ease of Installation

Allow for quick and straightforward assembly of fire protection systems.

Industry Preference

Trusted by fire protection professionals for their effectiveness and adaptability.

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