"At AquaTech, we are committed to providing high-quality PVC HP/u-PVC AG/UG pipe and fitting systems for a variety of applications and industries."

PVC-u Drainage & Pressure Piping

PVC HP/u-PVC AG/UG Pipe & Fitting Systems are engineered to comply with industry standards, such as BS EN 1329 (BS 4514), BS 5255, and BS EN 1401 (BS 4660) for soil, waste, and drainage applications; BS EN1452 (BS 3505) for cold water services, chilled water, and irrigation systems; and telecommunication cable ducting systems.

Lightweight and Easy Installation

Simplifies handling, transportation, and installation, reducing labor and equipment costs.

Impact Resistance

Designed to withstand impact, minimizing potential breakage or damage during use.

Chemical Resistance

Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making it suitable for diverse applications.

Wide Range of Applications

Versatile use across residential, commercial, and industrial projects, including plumbing, drainage, and irrigation systems.

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